The Clinical Trials Honour Roll was an annual event that ran from 2008 to 2012 for International Clinical Trials Day (20th May) to celebrate  the individuals and organisations involved in clinical trials, both volunteer and professional.
The aim was to let those giving their intellect, time, bodies and funds to clinical trials know that their efforts are valued, and INSPIRE others to get involved in clinical trials in the future. 
Clinical trials are an important step in collecting the evidence for what treatments work, and what don't work. In 2008, more than $35 billion was spent on clinical research of investigational treatments1. Yet, the clinical research workforce is under pressure and pessimistic about the future2 and finding enough volunteers to participate in trials remains a problem3

A decision was made by its founder, AccessCR, to put the Honour Roll on hold in 2013 due to the variety of new organisations holding competitions and awards for clinical researchers. However,this website remains as a way to remember the past Honour Roll participants as we continue to think about ways to better recognise the valuable contribution made by all involved in clinical research. 

If you have any ideas, or would like to partner in recognising the broad range of stakeholders that contribute to making sure the medicines we all take are safe and effective, please feel free to contact AccessCR.
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